Bartholin's Cyst Treatment in Ayurveda

Bartholin’s glands are known to form cysts and abscesses among women of reproductive age. Bartholin’s cysts form when the duct becomes obstructed, leading to distention of the gland or duct with fluid. When the cyst is infected, it’s referred to as an abscess. In modern science, the use of antibiotics, incision, drainage and marsupialization is advised for this condition. The treatment of Bartholin’s gland cyst by surgery is characterized by some disadvantages and complications such as haemorrhage, postoperative dyspareunia, infections and recurrence as the most common complication after incision and drainage.


Ayurvedic View

In Ayurvedic gynaecology, we find many references of this disease by the name Granthi / vidradhi /Yonikanda etc. Vata imbalance is responsible for any unwanted growth in the body hence Vata-Pittaj and Vata- Kapaj are the types of Bartholin’s cyst we categorize for the ease of treatment.

Vata- pittaj Type:

Usually associated with inflammation, pain, dyspareunia, burning, fever etc. On examination, it is soft, red and tender.

Vata-kaphaj Type:

Usually hard, whitish in colour, non tender, slight pain but causing discomfort, sometimes associated with white discharge and itching.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Selected Ayurveda treatment according to dosha type has been proved effective on Bartholin’s cyst and abscess. Various treatment principles are explained like oral medicines and external applications like Yoni Prakshalana, Yoni Purana, Yoni pichudharana / vaginal tampooning etc. These treatment methods are minimal invasive procedures which do not cause the scar formation, no recurrence and found to be more beneficial in the treatments of Bartholin’s abscess.

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