Fallopian tube blockage is one of the most important factors for female infertility. Fallopian tubes are the site of conception and carry the fertilized egg to the uterus. If a Fallopian tube is blocked, natural conception would not be possible. Common causes of Fallopian Tube Blockage can be infections like tuberculosis, urogenital infections, TORCH infections, Adhesions caused by endometriosis, adenomyosis, Asherman’s syndrome and Post D & C scarring of tissues

Fallopian Tube Blockage Symptoms 

  • Usually presenting symptom is infertility.

  • After detailed case history taking of past infections, miscarriages, diagnosis of Fallopian tube blockage is suspected.

Ayurvedic View On Fallopian Tube Blockage

It can be viewed as Vata dominated tridosha disease. The root cause of any disease is the vitiation of one or more doshas. Vitiation of vata can be considered as the most important factor for tubal infertility. Due to its ruksha and khara gunas, it causes constriction, sclerosis and stenosis of fallopian tubes. Kapha is also responsible for fallopian tubal block for its avrodhak Guna. Pitta can be responsible for paka (inflammation) caused by various infections. So this is important to understand that all types of tubal blockages cannot be same.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Fallopian Tube Blockage

According to dosha involved, Ayurvedic medicines are given. Local instillation of herbal medicine with properties of vata and kapha pacification are very helpful to remove Fallopian tube blockage and restore tubal function. The main ayurvedic treatment for the Fallopian Tube Blockage is Uttar Vasti, which is described below.

For any queries regarding Fallopian tube blockage and uttar vasti, you can contact SKK Ayurveda Front Desk at 09811441562, 09811440562, 011-45523443 and book your consultation with Dr Rani Gupta, who is Medical Director and Ayurvedic Gynecologist at SKK AYURVEDA. She has completed her B.A.M.S. from Lucknow University in 2003. She completed her Post Graduation, M.D in Gynecology (Ayurveda) from Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University in 2006. She achieved first rank and received Gold Medal form vice president of India in her M.D.

She is successfully practicing Ayurvedic gynecology and has treated thousands of cases like Fibroids, PCOD/PCOS, Fallopian tubal blockages, Infertility, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Recurrent infections, Bartholin cysts etc. She is doing many panchkarma procedures like Vaman, Virechan, Vasti, Uttar vasti, yoni pichu, yoni prakshalana etc. to treat chronic gynecological disorders.

Uttar Vasti

Uttar Vasti is a specialized ayurvedic panchakarma treatment in which medicated oil is instilled in uterus for 5 days per menstrual cycle for approximately 3 cycles. This method has a success rate of more than 90% in case of fallopian tube blockage. As it is a Panchkarma procedure, proper snehan and Sweden before uttar vasti and medicated oil tamponing (pichu) after uttar vasti is required. All the instruments and medicated oil have to be autoclaved and sterilized properly. It is a natural and painless procedure and requires no admission. Patient can carry her daily routine activities while undergoing uttar vasti treatment.

20 years of safe and effective ayurvedic care

Dr. Rani Gupta, M.D. ( Ay. Gynae) ( B.H.U.) Gold Medalist, Ayurvedic Gynaecologist at SKK Ayurveda and Panchakarma, New Delhi has an experience of more than 20 years in successfully treating infertility patients.

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