Ayurvedic Treatment For PCOS in Delhi

The incidence of PCOD in India is 10% approximately and increasing. PCOD or polycystic ovarian disease is a condition where patients suffer from many small cysts in their ovaries. This causes the ovary to enlarge and secrete huge amounts of estrogenic and androgen hormones. When this happens along with lack of ovulation, it results in infertility. The other name for PCOD is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). In Ayurveda, it is a disorder of kapha blocking the Artava vaha srotus (channels) and causing interrupted movement of Apana-Vata. Due to this,Vata imbalance takes place in the pelvic area leading to various symptoms.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Symptoms:
  • Irregular periods. – A lack of ovulation prevents the uterine lining from shedding every month causing delayed periods. 

  • Heavy bleeding – The uterine lining builds up for a longer period of time, so the periods you do get can be heavier than normal.

  • Unwanted Hair growth – More than 70 percent of women with this condition grow unwanted hair on their face and body.

  • Acne – Male hormones can make the skin oilier than usual and cause breakouts on areas like the face, chest, and upper back.

  • Weight gain – Up to 80 percent of women with PCOS are overweight or obese.

  • Male-pattern baldness – Hair on the scalp gets thinner and fall out.

  • Darkening of the skin (Acanthosis nigricans) – Dark patches of skin can form in body creases like those on the neck, in the groin, and under the breasts.

  • Headaches – Hormone changes can trigger headaches in some women.


Causes of PCOD/PCOS

In Ayurveda, PCOD reflects the imbalance of kapha and vata. The main reason for this condition in many females is today’s lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. Slow digestive fire caused by sedentary lifestyle, junk food, lot of dairy consumption leads to weight gain and slow metabolism. Too much consumption of hormonal and contraceptive pills is also one of the main causes. Excessive mental strain and stress along with lack of any kind of physical exercise are also one of the causes of PCOD.

PCOD/PCOS Treatment in Ayurveda

Depending on the symptoms, srotoshodhan, kapha- vata har or pitta –vata har treatment is to be carried out. Vaman needs to be done if excessive kapha aggravation is observed. Vasti treatment can be very helpful to balance apana- vata in the pelvic area and for balancing the hormones. Lekhan vasti and Udvartanam are helpful for balancing kapha and reducing weight also. Uttar vasti can be given for PCOD induced infertility and induction of ovulation. Various Ayurvedic formulations/ medicines are also used for PCOS .Medicines should be taken under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctor.

PCOS diet & Lifestyle:

  • Consumption of light and easy to digest food.

  • Elimination of heavy and fatty foods that can result in weight gain

  • Follow a lifestyle which is simple and active and doesn’t aggravate kapha.

  • Whole Grains to be consumed in the place of refined flour

  • Add in different exercises to keep the body fit and active

  • Avoid drinking, smoking and any usage of contraceptives.

20 years of safe and effective ayurvedic care

Dr. Rani Gupta, M.D. ( Ay. Gynae) ( B.H.U.) Gold Medalist, Ayurvedic Gynaecologist at SKK Ayurveda and Panchakarma, New Delhi has an experience of more than 20 years in successfully treating PCOD/PCOS patients.

What Our Patients Says

I am so glad that I made a decision to go to SKK Ayurveda & Panchakarma for my PCOS symptoms otherwise I would have been trapped with those birth control pills and ended up even worse condition. Thank you so much Dr. Rani for your guidance towards a healthy lifestyle, you are very patient listener and you explain things very well, 2 months of medication I can see the results I am actually doing better.

Jagriti Tiwari


Doctors are very helpful and polite. I have recommended to visit SKK to 2-3 people, they are also very happy with the medications. There is an improvement in my pcod and hair loss condition.
Thank you Doctor and wish you good health and wealth.

abha pandey


I had pcod since last 2 years. Then I decided to take ayurvedic treatment. I met dr. Rani Gupta. And within 8 months I got a lot of peace. Unke treatment se m thik ho gyi hu. Ab meri medicines b bnd ho chuki h. Ab m thik hu. Agar kisi ko koi b health issue h to skk ayurveda c2 95 block janakpuri m visit Krein. Allopathic medicines are not good for health. Ayurvedic treatment is the permanent solution for every disease. Agr kisi b lady girl ko koi problem h to vo Dr. Take treatment from Rani Gupta. Ayurvedic treatment hi best h or permanent solution h bs thoda sabar krna pdta h.

Priya Khatri


I have been visiting Dr. Rani Gupta for my PCOS treatment. It has been more than an year now and I can see a visible result in my health. I strongly recommend to switch to ayurvedic medicines as they do not have any side-effects yet very effective..

Anchal Agarwal


I visited SKK ayurveda for PCOS and skin inflammation. The doctors there listened very calmly and considered each minute details, observed in due time and dignosed the problems quickly.acordingly they have give medication and suggested me to go for virechaan pachkarma treatment. The process was smooth under the guidance of the doctors and it has given amazing results. My periods are now on time, also the skin inflammation is under control. With virechaan i have not only benefited with these two but also indigestion and headache issue come to minimal.i have taken this process in October 2020 and it was so beneficial that i am repeating this again now. Am on my 2nd virechana process and love to see more effective results. Thanks to both doctors whoes suggestions have given me amazing results.I will recommend virenchana to all as it helps to clear the toxic from body and also would recommend skk others treatment. Attaching to them give you good health and happiness. Thanks a ton.regards Pooja

Pooja Ojha


Hello all,my name is harmanpreet. I have thyriod and pcod from last 2 yrs.as per my experience it can be cured naturally 80% depends on good lifestyle and yoga and 20% i am taking help through ayurvedic medicines.so these med help me in maintaining my weight, thyriod med is helping me in repairing my thyriod gland.I have totally stopped alopathic medicines.
Dr Rani is so nice andshe listened all my queries very calmly.I really appreciate the way she work.
She is a kind of god gift for me as i get so much so motivation from her..
Thank you so much.. keep up the good work..

Harmanpreet Kaur


I had been suffering from pcod since past 20 years, and there is no treatment in allopathy. Last year my condition became so bad with uncontrollable bleeding that I was about to be hospitalized. It was then that I decided to go for Ayurvedic treatment and found Dr Rani through Google search, read reviews and consulted her. Now I have regular periods with normal flow thanks to her medications and advice. She even sends the medicines via courier to USA. It’s such a smooth process. Dr Rani is really knowledgeable. Also I had severe hairfall few months back and had almost lost half my hair within one month. Dr Rani’s medicine helped control my hairfall and reduced hairfall by 80%-90%. I’m so happy with her treatment.

Rashmi Srivastava


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