Ayurvedic Treatment For Urticaria

Urticaria (chronic hives) is the most common allergic skin diseases. It usually starts with Edema (swelling), red wheals with clearly defined borders on the skin that appear suddenly either as a result of the body’s reaction to certain allergens or for unknown reasons. Symptoms come and go quickly or sometimes it may be long lasting. Itching is the predominant symptom.

Symptoms of chronic hives include:

  • Patches of red or skin-colored welts, which can appear anywhere on the body

  • Itching, which may be severe

  • Painful swelling of the lips, eyelids and inside the throat

  • A tendency for signs and symptoms to flare with triggers such as heat, exercise and stress

Ayurvedic view of Urticaria

.There are actually three diseases described in Ayurveda which can be compared with Urticaria

Sheetapitta It occurs when the patient comes in contact with cold air/AC especially after doing exercise or some other work in hot weather, or drink cold water immediately after coming from hot weather. Vata is the dominant Dosha in this disease and the patient experiences pricking pain along with itching along with skin rashes.

Udarda This is also normally caused when patient comes in contact with cold air similarly as in Sheetpitta. Kapha is the dominant Dosha involved and itching is the main symptom experienced by patient. Broad elevated skin colored or little red patches are experienced by the patient.

Kotha – As per Ayurveda it occurs because of improper expulsion in vomiting means when body need to expel the toxins but by any means we stop it. Excessive use of anti-emetics and Anta acids may also be the reason for Kotha. Patients with Hyperacidity are the commonest victims.Pitta along with Kapha are the dominant Doshas involved in the disease which causes dark red patches with too much of itching and burning sensation.

Ayurveda and Urticaria

Weak digestion is the root factor of the disease. Because of weak digestion Ama is produced in body which acts as Gara visha(a kind of toxin responsible for the allergic reaction in the body). Patients may have the symptoms of indigestion, Hyperacidity, constipation because of bad eating habits. According to Ayurveda when we define balanced diet it should contain food items with all the 6 tastes
but now a days we may see patients eating only food items with Madhura rasa which leads to Kapha Aggravation. Some people eat too much of spicy and salty food aggravating Pitta in body. Now a days there is a culture of eating food devoid of any fat in food which leads to Vata aggravation. One of the commonest reason of vata aggravation in young generation is no fat in diet with too much of exercise.
Its very common now a days that youngsters spend 2 to 3 hours doing exercise. Night awakening also leads to vata aggravation. Too much of fasting also leads to vata aggravation.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Urticaria

Depending upon the involved Doshas doctors may plan for Vaman, Virechan, rakta Mokshan and internal medicines for Complete cure of Urticaria through Ayurveda. Consult Best Ayurvedic doctors for Urticaria at SKK Ayurveda to cure your Urticaria.

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