Ayurvedic Treatment For Urethral Stricture

Urethral Stricture is the narrowing of the urethra which carries urine from bladder so that the urine can be expelled out. Urethral Stricture is normally due to Inflammation or Scar in the Urethra. Conventional Treatments for urethral stricture generally include Dilatation, Urethral Stent and Urethroplasty. But with all these treatments recurrence is very common. That’s why it is said that

“Once a stricture is always a stricture”

But this is not true now with the age old science of Ayurveda! Uttar vasti, performed by experienced doctors at SKK Ayurveda has the answer to Urethral stricture, The results are very good , rare chances of recurrence and results are very fast. Uttar vasti is an Ayurvedic procedure in which specific Medicated oil or Medicated decoction is administered in the urethra, through urethral meatus, with a disposable syringe under sterile conditions. Acharya Sushrut has given a detailed description of the process of Uttar Basti and has also mentioned the different herbs and oil to be used for different functions.

Causes of Urethral Stricture

  • Traumatic Injuries of Pelvic area

  • Catheterization

  • Surgery done for Prostate enlargement

  • Untreated or repeated Urinary tract Infections

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

  • Kidney stone removal

Common Symptoms Of Urethral Stricture

  • Weak flow of urine

  • Urine stream is not uniform, in form of spray

  • Pain or burning during urination

  • Frequent Urinary Tract Infection.

  • Inability to completely empty the bladder

  • Sudden, frequent urges to urinate

  • Frequent starting and stopping urinary stream

  • Inability to control urination (incontinence)

  • Pain in the pelvic or lower abdominal area

  • Urethral discharge

  • Penile swelling and pain

  • Presence of blood in semen or urine

  • Darkening of the urine

  • Inability to pass urine


A diagnosis is made by taking detailed history of the patient and some investigations confirm the diagnosis

  • Retrograde Urethrogram

  • Uroflometry

  • Urethral Ultrasound

Advantages of Uttar vasti

  • Catheterization is not required so no chances of trauma to the tube.

  • Procedure is carried out by expert doctors at SKK Ayurveda, under all aseptic precautions sterilized medicine is used, so there are no chances of infection.

  • It’s a day care treatment so no hospitalization is required and patient can resume work same day as bed rest is not required.

  • Most of the patients require 15-21 sittings(Chronic cases may require more sittings) which areusually done on daily or sometimes on alternate days depending on the patient’s symptoms.

  • It’s a painless treatment so no anesthesia is required.

  • Treatment at SKK Ayurveda is very economical as compared to conventional Surgery.

Results are assured At SKK Ayurveda

  • Urine Flow improves within 5 sittings of Uttar Basti.

  • Uroflowmetry done after 10 sittings confirm the improvement in Stricture when compared with the pre-treatment results.

  • Urethrography done after the treatment confirms the cure of the stricture when compared with the previous report.

  • The results of Uttar vasti are  positive but may vary with the the stricture being chronic.

  • Various researches also prove that Uttar vasti give assured results in most of the cases

20+ years of safe and effective ayurvedic care

Dr. Tarun Gupta, Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at SKK Ayurveda and Panchakarma, New Delhi has an experience of 20+ years in successfully treating  urethral stricture with ayurvedic medications and panchakarma therapies.

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