Ayurvedic Tips For Staying Healthy During ‘Varsha Ritu’

The coming of the monsoon season or ‘varsha ritu’ signals relief from the scorching summer heat. But it can also cause aggravation of vata dosha. According to Ayurveda, Varsha Ritucharya is the recommended routine modification that must be adhered to to ward off the imbalances in the body during the Monsoon. This helps boost immunity and maintain good health. During this season, aggravation of Vata and Pitta dosha is considered as the root-cause of various diseases and conditions. The food, lifestyle and care should help in balancing the vitiated Vata & Pitta doshas and maintain a healthy body constitution.

The holistic rejuvenation process consisting of a special diet, lifestyle and effective Ayurvedic therapies to be followed is characterized as Monsoon Ayurveda.

Vata: Accumulates during the dry or dehydrating heat of the summer. It becomes aggravated during the rainy (Monsoon) season which causes weakened digestion, acidic atmospheric conditions and gas produced from the earth.

Pitta: Accumulates during the rainy season due to the acidic conditions of the atmosphere and weakened digestion. It is aggravated during autumn when the heat returns. This occurs after the cooling spell of the rainy season.

The following changes in diet and lifestyle are advisable during monsoon:

1. Consume light and fresh foods prepared from barley, rice and wheat

2. Include cow’s ghee, lentils, green gram, rice and wheat in your daily diet.

3. Consume a small piece of ginger with rock salt before every meal.

4. Consume sour and salted vegetable soups.

5. Drinking boiled and cooled water mixed with a little honey is recommended.

6. Eating warm food and avoiding uncooked foods and salads is preferable.

7. Drinking fluids to prevent metabolic suppression is advisable.

8. It is best to avoid stale food.

9. Consuming ‘Haritaki /Harad (Terminalia chebula) with rock salt in monsoon season is beneficial to health.

Lifestyle during Monsoons

Consumption of a healthy diet only may not provide desired results unless it is supported by a lifestyle beneficial for monsoon. Following are the tips for the important changes in lifestyle during the rainy /monsoon season.

1. Avoiding sleep in the daytime as it hampers digestion and slows down metabolism.

2. Overexertion and overexposure to the sun especially in the afternoon is to be avoided.

3. Keep the surroundings dry and clean and do not allow water accumulation.

4. Avoid entering an air-conditioned room with wet hair and damp clothes.

5. Avoid walking in dirty/dampened water .

6. Feet should be kept dry.

7. This is considered the best season for conducting Panchakarma for keeping healthy throughout the year.

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