Best Treatment For Endometriosis: Ayurvedic Vasti Therapy

Vasti is an important Panchakarma technique in which medicinal decoctions and oils are instilled through rectal route into the colon. There are two types of vastis given alternatively for 8 or 16 days depending upon grade and severity of endometriosis.

First type of vasti is Niruha vasti prepared with decoction, oil and herbs with the emulsification process and second type is Anuvasan Vasti prepared with Ayurvedic oils.

How Vasti works in Endometriosis?

Out of the various functions of Vata in our body, one important function is to maintain proper blood

flow in periods without any pain or discomfort and to maintain optimal fertility. Dysfunction or

imbalance of vata in the body can lead to pain in periods, irregular flow and infertility which are the

commonest symptoms of endometriosis. Colon or large intestine is considered to be the seat of Vata from where it controls various bodily functions and therefore vasti which directly acts on the colon is done to balance vata.

WhyVasti is important in Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is considered as Vata dominant disease and along with Ayurvedic medicines which treats the root cause of endometriosis, vasti treatment is equally important. At SKK AYURVEDA, after years of research and observations, we have come out with specific herbs and oils for vasti treatment in endometriosis. Vasti not only helps in pain relief and cure of endometriosis but also recurrence of endometriosis can be avoided with it.

Vasti is a simple painless procedure and some easy to follow instructions are given by the doctor while

taking this treatment.

For any queries regarding Endometriosis and vasti, you can contact SKK Ayurveda Front Desk at

09811441562, 09811440562, 011-45523443 and book your consultation with Dr Rani Gupta.

Dr. Rani Gupta is Medical Director and Ayurvedic Gynecologist at SKK AYURVEDA. She has completed her B.A.M.S. from Lucknow University in 2003. She completed her Post Graduation, M.D in Gynecology (Ayurveda) from Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University in 2006. She achieved first rank and received Gold Medal form vice president of India in her M.D.

She is successfully practicing Ayurvedic gynecology and has treated thousands of cases like Fibroids,

PCOD/PCOS, Fallopian tubal blockages, Infertility, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Recurrent infections, Bartholin cysts etc. She is an expert in performing many Panchakarma procedures like Vaman, Virechan, Vasti, Uttar vasti, yoni pichu, yoni prakshalana etc. to treat chronic gynecological disorders.

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