Endometriosis Prevention With Ayurveda


Endometriosis is a disease in which functional endometrium is present outside the uterine cavity leading to symptoms like pain, disturbed menstruation and infertility.The exact cause of endometriosis is not yet known but there are many theories which support the pathology of endometriosis.

In Ayurveda, there is no direct mention of this disease but we find many scattered references in various places and according to which it can be treated successfully.

Success stories of endometriosis treated by Dr. Rani Gupta.

As we all know that the incidence of endometriosis is on the rise and globally one out of five females suffer with it. In 70 % of females, it’s main symptom is dysmenorrhea i.e. pain during periods which progresses with age. This type of pain usually starts with discomfort in abdomen 2-3 days before periods which continues into severe pain till 3-4 th day of period.

According to ayurvedic principles, normal menstrual flow should be unobstructed, pain free, clot free and without any discomfort. When a young girl starts menstruating and if she suffers with pain during periods, it should be a matter of concern. She should not be advised to pop painkillers to suppress that pain rather the root cause should be removed.

Ayurveda applies the same pathology of vata imbalance and disturbed flow of Apana vata for menstruation pain and endometriosis. By correcting vata balance in early stages can definitely help with prevention of endometriosis.

Here in this article, we will discuss the prevention of endometriosis. It can be especially helpful for mothers who suffer with endometriosis to save their daughters from this disease.

Few points need to be addressed during menstruation :

1. Pain during periods should be addressed properly by treating it from the root not by pain killers. Ayurveda can help effectively to treat dysmenorrhea by correcting vata imbalance.

2. Dietary corrections should be made so that there is no indigestion, gas formation during periods.

3. Bowel habits should be corrected i.e. habit of evacuating bowels early morning before going to school / college so that they don’t suppress the urge during the day. (Ayurveda says that ‘vegavarodha’ i.e. suppression of urges like urine, feces, flatus, hunger, thirst is the most common cause of vata imbalance)

4. Avoid Exercise, Travelling, walking, workouts take rest and restore energy to avoid vitiation of vata dosha during periods. WHY?- This increase the Vata Dosha in the body which is already predominant in the body during the menses.

5. Keep the mind calm and relaxed as possible.

6. Avoid stress and anxiety. Think good thoughts – A menstruating woman needs to keep away from psychological stress, tension, anxiety. (Stress during these days affects the hormonal levels in the body and may create hormonal disturbances in the long run) Hormonal disturbances are the root cause of many problems like Endometriosis, infertility etc. So try and keep your mind cool and calm during your periods.

7. Take warm baths. Do not have a cold bath –The effect of cold water may cause a some hindrance to the outflow of the menstrual blood. (Supports the theory of retrograde menstruation).

8. Avoid intake of cold food and drinks during menstruation. Prefer warm and unctuous food for vata balance. Avoid long hours of fasting.

By following above tips, we can reduce the incidence of Endometriosis and reverse the pathology at a very early stage.

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