Rasayanas – Ayurveda’s Secret To Longevity & Immunity

We now live longer, but we’re also weaker than our ancestors ever were! We are more

dependent on medicines and medicinal development has helped us live longer but not

particularly healthier.

We think we’re doing so much for our immunity and yet, we fall short! Are we doing something


For answers, we should turn to the most trusted ancient science – Ayurveda.

Vyaadhiksamatva, (or Immunity) is a much written about aspect of health in Ayurveda. It is not

just immunity against specific infectious viruses or disease-causing pathogens rather Ayurveda

implies that Vyaadhiksamatva is resistance against the loss of integrity, proportion, and

interrelationship amongst every person’s bio-energies (doshas) and tissues (dhatus). This

harmonious relationship amongst the mind and body is called dhaatusaamya, which is widely

accepted truest meaning of immunity in the world of Ayurveda and it also highlights immunity as

an intricately interwoven concept of nutrition, Agni (digestive fire), and tissue formation.


According to Ayurveda, Ojas is the prominent energy which pervades all tissues and cells and is

the main determinant of our immune health and thus our resistance to disease.


Acharyas have always encouraged the use of Rasayana to enhance ojas and vyaadhiksamatva.

Rasyanas are health-promoting and rejuvenating agents which help your body build resistance

against diseases. Ojas is responsible for good health and strong immunity and rasayanas are highly regarded as ojas promoting herbs in Ayurveda.

Rasayanas are employed in Ayurveda to enhance the quality of life, promote ojas and vyaadhiksamatva, and eventually boost your immunity. Here’s a beginner’s list of rasayanas that armor your body to stabilize ojas and boost your immunity.


Chyawanprash – A delicious Ayurvedic jam that builds immunity. Melt it into hot water to make a lovely evening or daytime hot and sweet immunity tonic.

Shilajit– A dense mineral supplement that brings vigour and power to the body, a classic Rasayana and Aphrodisiac medicine in Ayurveda.

Ashwagandha and Shatavari – Ayurvedic herbs that can be taken in tonic form, used for building plasma and keeping the entire body strong and protected.

Brahmi – The herb for the longevity of our mental health.

All plants classified as Aphrodisiac – Not only bringing energy and blood to the sex organs but

most often bringing stamina to the entire body, especially Amazonian Botanicals such as

Chuchuhuasi and Clavo Huasca.

All plants classified as Adaptogenic – Helping us find balance form the internal and external stressors we live with daily.

Vitamin D – like all living things, we need direct contact with sunlight to live long healthy happy lives.


Ghee– Plenty of good fats to keep the body and mind well lubricated into old age.

Know your Prakriti – Knowing what foods make you thrive will help you fall into your ideal diet

Eating smaller amounts – Scientifically connected to longevity


Restorative Yoga – This active yet passive yoga practice just might be the most underrated anti-

ageing practice there is, especially for women on the go.

Yoga Nidra – This is Brain yoga and is another underrated passive, yet active practice.

The Value of Ayurvedic Dinacharya – Dinacharya is fundamental to Ayurvedic longevity and is the commitment to a daily self-care routine in accordance with Ayurvedic guidelines. This would

classically be self-oiling, tongue scraping, meditating and committing to eating at set times and

not staying up too late.

Abhyanga – warm oils applied to the skin nourish tissues and build immunity by protecting the

skin’s microbiome

Sleep – lack of sleep is inflammatory and affects blood vessels.

Remember classical Rasayana is practised after a DETOX because the clean body is more

receptive, a clean slate that you build a strong foundation upon. Detox your body twice a year

and then reap the rewards of yearly Rasayana practices.

For best advice and guidance on knowing your body prakriti and determining what rasayana

practices to follow, it’s best to consult an experienced ayurveda doctor.

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